Safer Internet Day at Al Karamah

On 7th February 2023 Al Karamah School and Training Institute took part in Internet Safety Day. Internet Safety Day is an annual programme celebrated in approximately 180 countries worldwide which aims to raise awareness and promote online safety.

The first internet safety activity that took place was training for all the staff. The vibrant session enabled colleagues to explore issues relating to esafety by discussing and completing a survey in teams. Teams were also given the opportunity to feedback to the whole group.

Students took part in activities which focused on using the internet in a positive way to aid learning and also to help them to be safe while taking part in the variety of activities available to children and young people online. In addition to this all classes across the school and training institute recorded a video message about esafety. These messages were brought together to make an inspirational video which was shared with all students, staff and on social media.

Parents were also included in the day with especially designed internet safety leaflets being sent out to all parents and carers. There were 4 different leaflets to cater for the different age groups represented in the school and Training Institute.

The day was a memorable one which achieved its aim of promoting the internet safety knowledge of students, parents and staff.